Amerikansk forretningskultur vs dansk forretningskultur

Amerikanere og danskere sætter i lige grad pris på at opnå erhvervssucces, men der er vigtige forskelle mellem amerikansk forretningskultur og dansk forretningskultur.

Den vigtigste forskel er den vægt, der lægges på tillid i dansk kultur og på danske arbejdspladser. Danmark er et lille land, hvor mange kender hinanden, og det er let for danskerne at opbygge tillid til hinanden. I forretningsverdenen betyder det mindre overvågning og mindre registrering.

Amerikanere har brug for alle deres optegnelser i tilfælde af et søgsmål, men at sagsøge hinanden er meget mindre almindeligt i Danmark end i USA, så danskere i den private sektor ofrer mindre tid på at dokumentere deres aktiviteter.

Business Culture in Denmark vs USA

Business culture in Denmark places a high priority on trustworthiness, efficiency, and quality. The most significant cultural differences in Danish business culture compared to the USA are the differing attitudes towards hierarchy and ambition, and the contrast between Danish trust and the US tendency towards litigation and lawsuits. In addition, Americans like to show off their energy and enthusiasm, which can create conflicts with the calm, reserved, practical Danes.

Cultural differences between the US and Denmark

While there are plenty of cultural differences between the US and Denmark, the two cultures do have a lot in common.

Both countries have an economic system based on free market capitalism, both have a strong attachment to their constitutions and the idea of freedom of speech and religion, and both have a reputation for business and technological innovation.

The cultural differences between the US and Denmark have more to do with the countries’ differing histories, differing climates, and different population mixes.

The importance of trust, the value placed on competition, and the acceptance of diversity are some of the cultural differences between the US and Denmark.

Ny bog med gode råd til succesfuldt samarbejde med amerikanere

Hvordan kan man som dansker opnår de bedste resultater, når man skal samarbejde med amerikanere eller gøre forretning med amerikanerne? Det handler blandt andet om at erkende, at vores direkte måde at kommunikere på kan opfattes forkert – og at det flade danske hierarki ofte ikke giver mening hos konkurrenceprægede amerikanere.

Kulturforskelle kan lægge hindringer i vejen for at få det bedste ud af samarbejdet, fortæller Kay Xander Mellish, som har for nylig udgav bogen ’Working with Americans: Tips for Danes’.

US business culture vs Danish business culture

Americans and Danes both enjoy a good business deal, but there are significant differences between US business culture vs Danish business culture.

The most significant difference is the importance of trust in Danish culture and business culture. As a small country where people generally know each other, it’s easy for the Danes to trust each other, and in business terms this means less monitoring and less record-keeping.

Lawsuits and litigation is much less common in Denmark than they are in the US, so Danes spend less time documenting their activities in case of a lawsuit.

Business etiquette in Denmark

Guides to business etiquette in Denmark don’t usually focus on arcane points of manners like who sits where and who speaks first: the Danes are too relaxed and egalitarian for that.

What’s most important when it comes to business manners in Denmark is showing the appropriate respect to every individual and every level in the company.

Just greeting the big boss while forgetting to acknowledge his or her team will get you off on the wrong foot.

When you enter a room full of Danish businesspeople, it’s important to introduce yourself individually to each person, making eye contact, and shaking hands if possible.

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